How to Add Social Posts to Campaigns


Once the campaign is created you can add content to the campaign. Content includes emails, website plugins, social media posts, ads, print media, library resources, documents from collateral programs, workflows, or custom content. It is always best to include more than one asset in each campaign. Having more content in the campaign makes it more effective for your partners.

Campaign Social Posts are first created as Library Posts, then added to a Campaign as an activity.  Once a Social Post is moved to a campaign it will no longer be available as a Library Post in Zift123.

Add Content to a Campaign

  1. Create your social posts as a Library Post. See  How to Create New Social Posts.
  2. Add the social post as content to your campaign using Asset Type: Social Posts. See How to Add Content to a Campaign

Once the posts have been added to the campaign, open the campaign and scroll down to the Campaign Social Post section.  Use the arrows to sort the order the posts will appear or to remove posts from the campaign. Set the wait time between social posts.

A maximum of 20 social posts can be added to a campaign.

Note: Campaign Social Posts will continue to appear as Library Posts in ZiftMarcom, even though they will no longer appear as Library Posts in Zift123.

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