2019 March Software Updates


An improved user experience for partners. The new Preview of emails in a workflow gives more information to partners before activating the campaign.

18 March 2019

Based on user feedback, we made changes to styles, text and fonts. Here are the details:

  • Preview of email workflow journey gives more information to partners before activating the campaign. A Preview link was added beside Workflows on the Campaign page. A new window displays a list of the emails in the workflow. Clicking on the email unveils a preview of the email.
  • On the Activate Campaign page there are two changes. The Activate Campaign button was changed to Continue. Second, the text in the blue box was changed to Please review your selections below, and click the "Continue" button to proceed with setup and personalization. This will save the activities in the "My Campaigns" section. 
  • On the Campaign page, improved text around tactics to improve navigation: "All of these tactics are selected by default. Customize your campaign by selecting or deselecting."
  • On the Marketing Activity Review page, we changed the wording in the yellow notification box at the top of the page to assure users that they can continue to work without activating the campaign. "Named marketing activity in this campaign requires your attention. Click "Review" beside each activity for more details."
  • All instances of Other Activity were updated to say Custom Activity for consistency.
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