How to Submit a Feature or Change Request to Zift Solutions

Use the Feature or Change Request form to suggest a change to the Zift Standard Application. This includes both suggestions for new and changes to existing functionality. The request will be evaluated by the Zift Customization Approval Board (CAB) process. The CAB is made up of representatives from Zift teams.

The CAB includes categorizing your requests into one of four categories as follows:

  • Advanced configuration - Zift will provide cost estimates for requests that fall into this category.
  • Roadmap enhancement - Zift will route requests that fall into this category for prioritization in the Zift Roadmap.
  • Custom development - Requests that fall into this category include non-standard feature enhancements and unique customer specific customizations. Zift will provide cost estimates for requests that fall into this category.
  • Rejected - Zift Product Management will provide notice of our decision not to develop these requests.

Requests that fall into the Advanced configuration or Custom development categories will be documented in a Change Request (CR) form or a Statement of Work (SOW). More details on the CR Process can be found at

You will need to complete a request submission form with pertinent information so that our Professional Services team members can effectively evaluate your request. Once the submission is received, a Business Analyst  will be assigned to the Change Request. The Business Analyst will communicate through the ticket status, engage directly with you to explore the request in more details, and to define the request.

Important: Fields with a red * are required. A ticketed cannot be submitted without these field completed.

The request submission form fields vary depending upon the request. 

  1. Select Submit a request.
  2. In the dropdown box, select Feature or Change Request.
  3. Your email address: We recommend entering a role based email address so that all requests located in one location.
  4. Subject: Choose a brief, descriptive subject line to identify your issue.
  5. Description: Describe the enhancement in details, being as specific as possible. Provide examples, workflows, diagrams, and use cases.
  6. Content Submission URL: Provide your content submission URL containing your resources associated with this request.
  7. Attachments: Add an attachment or drop files that the Zift team will need.
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