How to Manage Lead Auto-Registration Rules


Partners generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. The objective of Zift Solutions Lead Auto-Registration Rules Management is to automate the process of registering leads to suppler organizations quickly based on compliant rule sets. When lead auto-registration rules are enabled, new lead registrations are processed when leads are created or updated using supplier or partner managed auto-registration rules. The lead registration process does not comb through the pre-existing leads in the partner account. Using supplier generated rules may lead to increased adoption, consistent partner set-up and less configuration effort by partners.

You can learn more About Lead Auto-Registration Rules. Contact your Zift representative to take advantage of this feature.

How to Create Lead Auto-Registration Rules

  1. From Leads > Lead Registration Rules, select Create Rule.
  2. In the Registration Rules section, define the criteria for registering leads by selecting options from the three drop down boxes. 
    1. The rules consist of expressions that define what should be done. Each of the rules will include fields, operators, and functions. Select the drop-down arrow to view and select your options.
    2. Rules may contain both and and or statements. Leads must meet all the and statement rules. Or rules will group them separately. You can also choose the actions that the rules are based on.
  3. Name is a required field in order to save. Additionally, we recommend configuring partner fields unless the rules should apply to all partners in your organization. Select Save.

How to Manage Lead Auto-Registration Rules.2018-04-18_autoregistrationrulesdetails.png

  1. From Leads > Lead Registration Rules, select a rule.
  2. To Copy do the following:
    1. Select Copy to make minor adjustments to an existing rule or to publish to a different partner. Name, description, partner filters, and expression groups are copied. You can change the status or edit the newly copied rule.
  3. To Change the status do the following:
    1. Publish/Unpublish
      1. Select Publish - Publishing makes the rule available in Zift123. The rule must be in a Not Published state.
      2. Select Unpublish - Unpublishing removes the rule from Zift123. The rule must be in a Published state.
      3. Select Save.
    2. To Archive/Unarchive do the following:
      1. Select Archive - The rule must be in a Not Published state. Archiving removes the rule from the list of available rules for publishing.
      2. Select Unarchive - The rule must be in an Archived state. The rule is available for publishing.
      3. Select Save.
  4. From Leads > Lead Registration Rules > Registration Rules > Edit, select the rule to Edit. Edit any of the following:
    1. Change the name or description.
    2. Select the x beside the rule to Delete a single Lead Auto-Registration Rule
    3. Select the Rule Group to Delete.
    4. Create a new rule to this group.
    5. Select Save.2018-04-18_MarcomEditRule.png
  5. To Edit Partner Filters do the following:
    1. From Leads > Lead Registration Rules > Partner Filters, select Edit.
    2. Select partners that will have access to this set of rules.
    3. Select Apply.
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