About Associating Users with Content


Users can receive email notifications in advance of expiration for campaigns, activities, library content, or collateral programs allowing for better management of large amounts of content. Users with editing privileges for the content can be notified via email that the content will expire in the next thirty calendar days. The notification will include an attached .CSV file with content name, type, description, create date, activation date, expiration date, tag/content field values, and a hyperlink to the associated campaign, activity, asset or program.

Users can click on the hyperlink in the report to edit the expiration date for the content. Users can take the following actions:

  • Select Mark as Reviewed to remove the item from the report and it will expire on the assigned date.
  • Set the expiration date further into the future and the document will continue to be available for users.


Reports are sent when content is expiring. Zift recommends routinely reviewing the report as a content management best practice.

Additionally, users will be alerted with a banner when on the edit campaign, marketing activity, library content, or collateral program pages of content that will expire within 30 days.AssociateUserContent.jpg


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