How to Delete Library Content


As a supplier, you provide content or assets to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. It is meant to support and facilitate the promotion of company, product, or service. Content comes in many forms: audio, text, video, images, and more. It informs and entertains readers.

As a supplier, you can manage your content assets by exporting your Content Library. The export file includes the following information: asset name, asset type, asset activation date, asset age, asset creator, asset expiration date, asset URL, and asset description. After reviewing the spreadsheet, you may decide to delete some of your documents. Delete with caution as there is no retrieving deleted content.


How to Delete Library Content 

Follow these steps to delete an asset. 

  1. From Content > Library Content, click the name of an asset.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the item.
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