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As a supplier, you provide content to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. Content is meant to support and facilitate the promotion of a company, product, or service. It comes in many forms: audio, text, video, images, and more. It informs and entertains readers.

Library content is used by your partners and is found under the Browse Collateral tab in Zift123. Partners can preview, download, and customize content available in the view. All content may not be available to all partners. Not all content is available for preview or customization. The supplier will determine what content is available to partners when creating content. 

How to Add Library Content 

Follow these steps to Create New content assets. 

  1. From Content > Library Content, select Create New.
  2. Select a Content Type in the drop down window.
  3. Add the following information:
    1. Title: Add a title for the document. The title will be seen by partners in a list where they can select the collateral. Make the title descriptive so the partner will have an idea of how to use the collateral.
    2. Description: Add the description for the asset.
    3. File: Enter the URL for the asset or select Upload to upload an existing file. Most non-executable files are accepted including .zip. The file size limit is 50MB.
    4. Thumbnail: Enter the URL for the thumbnail or select Upload to upload an existing file. ZiftMarcom checks to see if the image or asset has been previously uploaded. If it has previously been uploaded, the system asked if you want to upload the item again or use the current image. 
    5. Custom Fields: The next fields will vary by the supplier based upon needs.
    6. Active Date: Enter the date when the collateral becomes available for partners.
    7. Expiration Date: Enter the date when the collateral is no longer available for partners.
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