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Suppliers generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. These leads are often generated through Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems such as Eloqua and Marketo or through tradeshows and inbound requests. To manage the lead through the qualification, sales, and closing phases, the leads are frequently put into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce or MS AX Dynamics. Use the All Leads Detail View to identify the leads in each phase of the sales process, to limit data for exports, or to focus attention on specific types of leads. Learn more about How to Manage Leads and the Leads View.

In this view you can complete the following tasks:


Leads > All Leads > Selected Lead from the Lead View

The following can be found in this view.

  1. Distribution Status: The lead shows the status (pending, accepted, rejected, rerouted), registered or not registered, the lead routing module, partner name, source campaign for the lead, date created, and the source of the lead creation from a partner contact list or through lead distribution. You will also find the reason why the lead is in the status such as rejection code, feedback, and rejection reason.2017-05-25_LeadDetailsDistributionStatus.png
  2. Lead Details: The details on the lead include the following information.
    1. First and Last Names
    2. Email address
    3. Title
    4. Work and Mobile Phone Numbers
    5. Notes
    6. Active or Inactive
    7. Lead Score
    8. Sales Stage
    9. Lead Source
    10. Sync Lead Data PRM and CRM new lead data are processed as soon as possible. Once the lead is no longer considered new, data is synced every two hours. However, you can manually sync data for certain PRM's such as Eloqua.
    11. Sales Rep assigned to the lead.
    12. PRM/CRM Unique Identifier
    13. Create Date
    14. Modified Date2017-05-25_LeadDetails.png
  3. Company Information: The company information on the lead is gathered if the company information is added by the user. This information can be included: company name, website SIC Code, Industry, Annual Revenue, Number of Employees, Address, City, State, Zip, and Country.
  4. Registration Information: The registration section shows the lead registration date and time, lead registrant name and email address.
  5. Feedback: The Feedback section shows the feedback left by the lead. These fields might include Other Opportunities, Feedback, Additional Info, Rejection Reason.
  6. Custom Fields: Custom fields are unique to each account but include fields used with integrations.
  7. Lead Events: A listing of all lead events with the date, time and description.
  8. Opportunity Summary: The Opportunity Summary appears on the bottom of the page.


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