How to Add an Agency


Suppliers create the agency account and can give all partners, a set of partners or a single partner access to the agency. Partners will choose which agencies to give access to their Zift123 account. The level of access is either partial (campaign only) or full access (marketing plans) as determined by the partner. The flexibility of Zift allows partners to interact with the agency at the level that works best for them. 

Partners can add new agencies, view existing agency information and view agency users. 

Value and Benefits

  • Save Time: You can add and manage agencies in your system. There is no need to submit support tickets. You can quickly respond to agency changes and profile update requests.
  • Increased Control: Administrator level functionality allows you to control the agencies delivering services to your partner community. You can also control the agency fields for language, region, etc in order to filter appropriate agencies to the partner.
  • Powerful Analytics: You can view agencies, who is logging in, and actively engaging your partner community.

Agencies will receive an email from the supplier that an account has been created for them. In the email they will find a link to where they set their password and get started with Zift. 

Note: Suppliers who require SSO for access to Zift123 can use ZiftMarcom to view agencies but not to create them. Suppliers who require SSO for access to Zift123 will use their PRM to create agencies.


All Partners> Agency radio button

How to Add a an Agency

  1. From All Partners > Agency radio button, select Add Agency.
  2. Add the Agency Name.
  3. Add the Administrator First Name.
  4. Add the Administrator Last Name.
  5. Add the Administrator Email.
  6. Select Apply2017-11-16_AddAgency.jpg
  7. The agency will receive an email with a link to activate their account to get started. 
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