How to Add/Edit Agency Offerings


Agency accounts are created by suppliers. Agencies have the ability to provide marketing services to partners through Zift123. Each agency may have different offerings they make available to partners. These offerings may be services such as website development, event setup or any other of the many things provided by an agency.

In this view, you can add or edit agency offerings.


Content > Marketing Activities > filter on Custom, select a Custom Marketing Activity from the list.

How to Add/Edit Agency Offerings

  1. From Content > Marketing Activities, filter on Custom.
  2. Select the activity to edit. 
  3. Select Add Offer or Add full-service offering if this is a new offering or Add Variation if there are already offerings on the activity. GIFAgencyOffering.gif
  4. Enter a short Description for the best user experience in Zift123. The offering description indicating the version of the asset is passed to Salesforce if you are using CRM or PRM.
  5. Set Request Quote to On to allow agencies to submit quotes to the partner for this offering.
  6. Enter the Offering Price.
  7. Enter the estimated duration in Days to Complete.
  8. Enter a Custom Reimbursement Percentage for Full-Service Activity (FSA) offerings so partners will know how much of the cost will be reimbursed.  The Custom Reimbursement Rate will override any reimbursement rate set on the fund type. Typically this rate is higher than the reimbursement rate set on the fund type.
  9. Select the valid Fund Types that can be used to pay for this offering.
    1. Select Fund Types allows you to select specific appropriate fund types for this activity. You can select more than one fund type.
    2. All Fund Types will not restrict payment for this offering to specific fund types.
  10. Select the valid agencies that can be chosen to execute this activity.
    1. Selected Agencies allows you to check the box next to the appropriate agencies. You can check more than one agency.
    2. All Agencies includes all active agencies.
    3. Note: This setting also determines which agencies will receive a quote request if the offering has Request Quote enabled.
  11. Select the Agency Permission level for this activity.
    1. This Activity Only limits the agency access to this activity only.
    2. Full Partner Account allows the agency to access all activities and act On Behalf Of the partner.
  12. Notify Email Address allows you to add email addresses for people that should be notified of activity on this account.
  13. Terms of Use allows you to create an agreement with the agency and spells out the terms of use. You can also link to Terms of Use.
  14. Select Apply to save the full-service offering.
  15. To add another full-service offering, select Add Variation and repeat the steps above.
  16. Select Publish to make the offering available to Zift123 users.
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