How to Change Order Status


Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are sometimes granted to partners by suppliers to drive sales and develop new business. The partner might use the funds to pay for meals, entertainment, social outings, sports outings, team meetings, and conferences.

The orders menu will be empty unless partners have submitted orders for an agency. Suppliers can view agency orders and change the status of an agency order in the Agency Orders view.

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How to Change Order Status as Agency on  Order Details 

  1. From Funding, select Orders.
  2. In the Agency Orders view use filters to select the order to change status on.
  3. Select the Name of the order.
  4. In the new window, you will be able to do the following:
    1. View the order in Zift123
    2. Approve the order.
    3. Deny the order.
    4. Select the Partner to see the funding details of the campaign.
    5. View and add new comments. Suppliers will be able to view attachments on a comment. Agency comments will display with "S" beside the comment.
    6. When the status is changed, the agency will be notified that the order is available for a specific partner and service.
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