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Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are sometimes granted to partners by suppliers to drive sales and develop new business. The partner might use the funds to pay for meals, entertainment, social outings, sports outings, team meetings, and conferences.

To process partner request for funds for orders as an agency you must be logged into Zift123 with an agency account. The orders menu will be empty unless partners have submitted orders for an agency. Partners submit orders/requests through the Campaign Marketplace for work to marketing agencies.

When the status is changed, the agency will be notified that the order is available for a specific partner and service.


Funding > Orders

You can view the following data in the Orders view:

  1. Filter - You can filter on any order status. These are possible statuses of an order:
    1. Draft: Draft displays for the initial request before it is actually submitted.
    2. Pending Quotes: Submitted by a partner and available for applicable agencies to submit quotes.
    3. Pending approval: An order submitted by the partner is waiting to be approved or rejected. The order does not require requesting quotes from an agency.
    4. Approved: A quote was submitted by a partner that is approved. This is the first status where the agency is aware of the order by the partner. Notifications are sent to the partner, agency, and others specifically requested.
    5. Denied: An order submitted by the partner is denied. The order was denied by the agency.
    6. Not Started: The order submitted by the partner has been accepted by the agency but no work has begun on the order.
    7. In Progress: Work is in progress at the agency on the order submitted by the partner.
    8. Waiting for Partner: The agency is waiting on the partner to respond to a request before proceeding with working on the order.
    9. Scheduled: This status is set by the agency when the job is scheduled.
    10. Executing: This status is set by the agency when they begin working on a job.
    11. Completed: Completed displays when the agency has completed work.
    12. Archived: Archived displays when work is complete and an order is moved to archive.
    13. Canceled: Canceled displays if the partner cancels the order.
  2. Sort - In the Orders view you can sort on specific data including the following: agency, partner, price, funding, estimated completion, status, and last activity.
  3. View All or selected partners
  4. Export - The export will include a list of all the orders and the following data including order ID, Zift Partner ID, partner name, submitter, agency, campaign, name, status, price, estimated completion, last activity, payment types, MDF Transaction ID, fund ID, external ID, leads, customer, and Ansira order ID.
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