How to Create or Edit a Fund Type


Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are sometimes granted to partners by suppliers to drive sales and develop new business. The partner might use the funds to pay for meals, entertainment, social outings, sports outings, team meetings, and conferences. These engagements allow partners to interact with their customers. 

Funding Value and Benefits

  • Track Funds: You can track allocated funds to partners in Zift123.
  • Increased Visibility: Fund information such as fund source, expiration date, total budget, and dollar available are quickly accessible in the Zift123. There is no need to consult with a different system. Fund information is available in Zift123 where you are working.Y
  • Details of Funds: Funding details allows you to review multiple fund allocations for multiple funding sources in a single location. 
  • Itemized Data: You can view itemized list of fund spending.

Fund types are collections of funds for organizational purposes. Fund Types allow you to track the funds and spending. Funds are allocated at a partner level and the names can be seen on individual partner detail pages. Having different fund types allows suppliers to track funds and set budgets for specific partner events. 


How to Create a Fund Type

    1. From Funding, select Fund Types.
    2. Select Create Fund Type.GIF_FundTypes_3092017.gif
    3. Add the details of the Fund Type
      1. Ansira Instance
      2. Ansira Sys Id
      3. Ansira Program
      4. Ansira Program ID
      5. Ansira Secret Key
      1. Name: A name is required. Add the Fund Type Name.
      2. Description: The description that will display on the Fund Type view. It may include ways that the funds are to be used.
      3. Reimbursement Percentage: Suppliers that reimburse partners for monies spent on FSA's can set a default percentage for fund types to let partners know how much they will be reimbursed. Suppliers can override the default percentage with a custom reimbursement percentage.
      4. Default Fund Type: Default Fund Type can be set by clicking on the fund type name. This feature is typically used by suppliers without multiple active fund types. 
      5. Ansira Options: You will only see the Ansira fields if you are integrating with Ansira. Ansira will provide the information that will populate the fields for the following:
    4. Apply to save your changes.


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