Salesforce PRM Integration


While Zift can be deployed independently, integrating with your existing infrastructure can enhance the impact and value of the total solution. To streamline integrations, Zift has prebuilt connectors with some third-party (Partner Relationship Management software) PRMs including Salesforce.


The integration can be configured to pull accounts from Salesforce to Zift to create partner records. The integration can be powerful in terms of keeping partner data for reporting up to date. It is also used in conjunction with SSO if implemented. The minimum fields required for the integration are unique id and company name. Learn more about individual partner record ids.


The integration can be configured to pull new or modified campaigns from Salesforce to Zift for syndication. A parent campaign is created in Zift and partners are able to activate the campaign to use assets for lead generation. Once a campaign is activated by a partner a child campaign is returned to Salesforce that will be associated with the original campaign as its partner. Zift will collect data on the child campaigns and send the total aggregate number of leads generated back to Salesforce.


The integration can be configured to pull new and modified leads from the supplier Salesforce instance into Zift for distribution to partners. Information about a distributed lead's status may be passed back to Salesforce from Zift. A partner may also register new leads in Zift to be sent to the supplier for qualification, nurturing, or other purposes.

Integration Details

  • Zift Solutions recommends providing system administration access however, it is not required. If we do not have this level of access, here is what you can expect.
    • Zift will skip a call to the Metadata API. Any records that we create or update will allow all fields that we have mapped in Field Mappings or hard coded. For records that we pull from Salesforce, we will pull all standard fields and only those custom fields that are mapped.
    • An error will be generated on the PRM module since Zift is trying to send data to a field that does not exist.
    • Suppliers will need to create all of the custom fields including Zift_Unique_ID, Zift_Partner_Name, Zift_Sales_Rep_Name.


Zift Salesforce integration can pull opportunities to be distributed to partners. Opportunities must have at least one contact. The contact becomes the lead that holds the opportunity. Updates are sent back to Salesforce on the opportunity for sales rep, partner, distribution status, and lead status.


The Zift Salesforce integration communicates via the standard Salesforce APIs which must be exposed outside of a firewall for Zift to access. Zift will require an account in your Salesforce instance for API access. The following information is needed for setup: username, password, and API security key. Zift will also require all the internal field names for custom fields exchanged in the integration. The integration synchronizes data every two hours.

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