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A campaign is a collection of marketing activities that include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, online ad campaigns, or any combination of these. Creating campaigns allows the supplier to provide branded content to partners to increase engagement, improve open rates, and improve lead generation. By creating campaigns, you will be able to gather data in one place for all the marketing activity around a specific product or service that is offered.

In this view you can complete the following tasks:

  • Create New Campaigns for options to either create new or copy an existing email. 
  • Export for options to either download a .CSV file or email the .CSV file.
  • Edit Campaigns by clicking on the name of the campaign.

The following can be found in this view.

  1. Search: Search for keywords in campaign titles.
  2. Filter: Filtering allows you to narrow the results to get a specific list of data for review or export. The options for filtering include statuses for content types and campaigns. You can toggle between having the different filters on or off by clicking each button.
  3. Campaign Details View: Click the name of the campaign to see details about the campaign.
    1. You can edit, create a Create a Copy, Archive, Publish Status (published approved, published in progress, not published in progress, not published approved, and archived in progress), or Add Content to the selected campaign.
    2. Select Click to show full preview, to review the contents of the campaign before sending it to partners.
    3. Scroll down the page to see Tags, Campaign Assets, and the Campaign Summary.


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