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Suppliers generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. These leads are often generated through Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems such as Eloqua and Marketo or through tradeshows and inbound requests. To manage the lead through the qualification, sales and closing phases, the leads are frequently put into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce or MS AX Dynamics. Use the All Leads View to identify the leads in each phase of the sales process, to limit data for exports, or to focus attention on specific types of leads. Learn more about how to manage leads.

In this view you can complete the following tasks:


Leads > All Leads

The following can be found in this view.

  1. Created or Updated Dates: The data is displaying for the date range shown. You can change the date to a different time frame.
  2. Filter: Filters use tags to narrow the focus to limit data displayed. Options for filtering include the following.
    1. All Leads, Assigned Leads or Unassigned Leads - Leads assigned to a partner or not assigned to a partner.
    2. Distributed or Registered - A distributed lead is sent from the supplier to the partner. A registered lead is generated through Zift123 campaigns and registered by the partner for sharing with the supplier.
    3. Pending, Accepted, Rejected, Rerouted -Lead status
      1. Lead - An interaction between a contact and a marketing activity.
      2. Accepted - The lead is accepted via email, the message center or CRM integration.
      3. Rejected - The lead is rejected via email, the message center or CRM integration.
      4. Rerouted - Leads are routed based upon defined workflow rules. A lead can be moved to a different partner if not acted upon within a specific time frame determined by supplier defined rules.
      5. Unassigned - The lead is not assigned.
      6. Pending - The lead is assigned but no action has been taken.
    4. Not Sent, Sent, Opened or Clicked all refer to the first notification email sent to partner. This initial email will not be sent if auto-accept is activated at the partner level. This setting can be accessed via Settings > Lead Management > Auto-Accept.
      1. Not Sent means the email notification has not been sent to the partner.
      2. Sent means the email notification has been sent to the partner.
      3. Opened means the email has been sent to the partner and opened by the partner.
      4. Clicked means the email has been sent, opened by the partner, and a hyperlink clicked. 
  3. Search: Search for keywords in the lead information.
  4. Columns on the Report:
    1. Email: The valid email associated with the lead. In some instances, an email is not available. This might occur if the lead is generated from an SMS campaign or if the leads are entered as recipients into the system by the supplier. You might also see these results for email:
      1. The valid email associated with the lead.
      2. First and last name if no email is available.
      3. The mobile phone number if no email or name is available.
      4. "No email provided" if nothing else is present.
    2. Partner: The partner associated with the lead. This column may be empty.
    3. Create date: The date the lead was created in ZiftMarcom.
    4. Modified date: The date the lead was last modified.
    5. Dist. Status: Lead distribution status as described above.
    6. Email Status: The status of the email as described above.
    7. Distribution Status Change: The number of days since there was a change in the lead distribution status. The pending, accepted, rejected, rerouted status changed.
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