Nine Considerations when Setting Up Lead Distribution

 Lead Source

    • What are the sources of the leads that you will be distributing?
    • How many partners will leads be distributed to?
    • Do you have a general idea of the scale of the number of leads you would expect to generate in a month?
    • If there is an integrated PRM, do you wish to receive lead status information back in the integration from Zift Solutions?
    • If there is an integrated PRM, are there some leads that shouldn’t be sent to Zift Solutions for distribution? Begin planning how to segregate within the system.
    • Begin planning what fields will be important for partners to receive. What are the field types? What are the values for fields with select lists?

Lead Routing – Distribution

    • Will Zift Solutions manage lead routing or will the leads be assigned to a partner by the time the reach Zift Solutions?
    • If Zift Solutions is managing lead routing, what are the rules for assigning leads to partners? What fields will be involved? Are the fields available on the lead and partner? Example: country, state or postal code, partner type, products of interest, etc.?
    • Based on the data available, can a lead match to multiple partners? If so should we use round robin logic to assign the partner?
    • What should happen if a lead does not have enough information to route it to a specific partner?
    • Is there a default partner, or should we store it in ZiftMarcom as unassigned to be routed manually in ZiftMarcom?
    • Would you like ZiftMarcom to update a status in your system to indicate that it was not routed?
    • Are there conditions under which you would like a lead to be rerouted to a new partner, for example not accepted within x number of days?


    • Do you wish to use the closed loop email workflow process to request updates from partners on accepted leads?
    • Are there some partners for which this process should run and others where it shouldn’t (for example leads are worked using an external process or a system from ZiftMarcom)? If so, begin to think about how we can define the population.


    • Zift Solutions integrations can pull specified campaigns from your system and associate pulled leads to them. This allows you to share the campaign name, description, dates, and any other custom information on the campaigns that you would like to share with the partner.
    • Should only some campaigns be shared with partners? If so, begin to think about how we can define the population.
    • What information in the campaign should be pulled?

What makes a lead unique?

    • Salesforce: by default ZiftMarcom considers a lead unique based on the combination of email address and campaign. With salesforce, this can be adjusted so that email alone defines a lead and ‘duplicates’ will not be created if the same email interacts with multiple campaigns.
    • SFTP, Marketo & Eloqua: every lead received from these sources is considered unique. If a single lead is sent to ZiftMarcom multiple times, "duplicates" will be created.

Information pulled for distributed leads (prep for field mapping)

    • What are the fields and their internal names and labels in your system?
    • What label for each field would you like to use for the partners if different from what is already in your system?
    • What are the data types? Strings, Date/Times, Numbers
    • Do you have select or multi-select lists? What are the possible values?
    • Should any of these fields be pulled into ZiftMarcom for your purposes – but not shared with partners? We can include fields that you can use to search and segment lead reports in ZiftMarcom.
    • Do you wish to pull Activities/Events from your system?

Information sent back for distributed leads (prep for field mapping)

    • Would you like lead distribution status written back to your PRM?
    • If a lead is rejected – we can gather information about why. This can be any number of fields that you define. What would you like to gather as part of a rejected lead? Would you like this written back to your system?
    • Would you like the lead sales status written back to your PRM? The five values are Not Contacted, Contacted, Nurture, Converted Opportunity, and Unqualified/Invalid.
    • If Sales Reps are assigned to leads would you like their name and/or email address written back to your system?
    • Would you like marketing events that the partner generates on a distributed lead written back to your PRM?

Opportunities (prep for field mapping)

    • Once a lead is converted to an opportunity would you like ZiftMarcom to create and update a lead object in your PRM?
    • Would you like the opportunity status written back to your system?
    • Would you like marketing events the partner generates on the opportunity written back to your PRM?

Account Setup

    • ZiftMarcom has the ability to send an email if something is not setup correctly during the pulling of the distributed leads. Who should receive this email if anyone?
    • Do you have a test instance of your system that we can have access to that is setup in the ways described above? Zift Solutions requires access to a test instance.
    • Who can we contact for technical configuration and sharing of system credentials for the integration? 
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