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Social media provides you with the means to build, mix and promote business engagement, conversation, and supplier and partner-generated social content. Social content comes in many forms (audio, text, video, images, etc.). Suppliers create social content for partners that is co-branded with the partner’s social accounts and allows the partner to push social content to their connections and followers. This content is continuously updated by the supplier and pushed out to partners.

If you have social posts in a CSV file, the posts can be uploaded in bulk into ZiftMarcom. The CSV file must be in a UTF-8 format and cannot exceed 100MB. Use the Download sample file to get started creating the file to upload.

How to Import/Upload Social Posts

Follow these steps to upload Social Posts:

  1. From Content > Social Posts, select Import Posts.
  2. The CSV file must use the following headers:
    1. Content: The content for the posts.
    2. Tags: Tags that will allow partners to filter content.
    3. Platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WeChat.
    4. Scheduled Date: There are two ways you can populate this field. 
      1. Add the date in each cell in this format Year-Month-Day Hour: Minute Here is an example: 2013-01-31 15:30.The system can auto-schedule the posts.
      2. Add auto in this column, to auto-populate with today's date.
      3. Add blank in this column to automatically convert the post to a Library post.
    5. Post Title: Only used with WeChat. This is the title of the post.
    6. Image Url: Image Url is optional.
    7. Post URL: Only used with WeChat. This is the link to the information you want to share on social media.
    8. Social Form: Social Form is optional.
    9. Discussion Title: Discussion title is optional.
    10. Post Title: Post title is optional.
    11. Discussion Url: Discussion Url is optional.
  3. Select Choose File to browse for your file.
  4. Select Import.2017-05-17_SocialUpload.png
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