How to Edit Marketing Activity Details


Marketing activities include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, online ad campaigns, or any combination of these. Creating activities allows the supplier to provide branded content to partners to increase engagement, improve open rates, and improve lead generation. By creating activities, you will be able to offer partners a variety of syndicated content that will promote your brand to meet your goals.

In the Marketing Activities Details view, you can edit the activity details of the campaign components including regenerating preview thumbnails, preview, publish, archive, copy, and edit/personalize content.


Content > Marketing Activities > Selected Activity

You can do the following in this view.

  1. Title: The title of the activity. It is helpful if you put the type of activity in the title such as email, plugin, print, etc.
    1. The name of the email template used to create the content.
    2. The Content ID allows you to cross reference the page asset through social media. The Content ID is exported from the details page for each piece of content, and an URL is generated for each Content ID.
    3. The internal name of the document. It may or may be the same as the title.
  2. Preview: Review the activity to confirm that all copy and images are correct.
  3. Activity Status - The next button will vary depending on the activity state. You will see the following depending on the state of the activity.
    1. Publish: If you are confident that the copy and all content is correct, publish the activity. It will then be viewable by partners in Zift123.
    2. UnPublish: Unpublishing an activity removes it from the view of partners but suppliers will still have access to the activity.
    3. Publish All: Use Publish All to update content in all the places the plugin is used. 
    4. Archive: When an activity is archived, it is no longer published and no new activations can be created by the partner. The partner will still have their existing activations. The supplier can un-archive the activity to allow the partner to have access.
    5. UnArchive: Unarchive content to re-use content previously archived. 
    6. Delete: Content in an Archived state can be Deleted.
  4. Copy: It is efficient to copy activities to create similar new activities. For email copy, a new email will be available in the Activities view. The title will be Copy - Name of original activity. The copied email will have the same tags and filters as the original.
  5. Edit Content: Personalize the content of the activity. Anything inside dotted lines can be changed.
  6. Edit Details: You can edit the details of the activity when it is published. Any new activations will reflect the changes.  Details include name, display name, description, effective begin and end dates, partner filters, thumbnail, and tags.
  7. Add Offer: This option is only visible if you are using Custom Activities such as Campaign Marketplace.
  8. Thumbnail Regenerate: You can regenerate the thumbnail if you uploaded a new image in Edit Content.
  9. Email Summary snapshot: This option is not available for all campaigns.
  10. Email Click Details report: This option is not available for all campaigns.
  11. Group by: Select the method for grouping the report.
  12. Export: Export the report to CSV or XLS.


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