How to Create New Social Posts


Social media provides you with the means to build, mix and promote business engagement, conversation, with supplier-generated social content. Social content comes in many forms (audio, text, video, images, etc.). Suppliers create social content for partners that is co-branded with the partner’s social accounts and allows the partner to push social content to their connections and followers. This syndicated content is continuously updated by the supplier and pushed out to partners.

Tips for creating your own posts:

  • Twitter - We will limit your social posts for Twitter to 280 characters. Click here to find the types of content Twitter considers in the 280 character limit.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn rejects social posts containing links that use any of the following characters: {  }  | \  ^  `
  • WeChat - WeChat has the following guidelines.
    • Zift will support the article broadcast message type.
    • Users can publish WeChat's broadcast allotment of one broadcast message per day for a subscription account: four messages per month for a service account. Any additional posts will appear in Post History with an error message.
    • Post titles will be restricted to no more than 64 bytes
    • Post body is restricted to 600 characters.

How to Create a Social Post

Follow these steps to create a social post.

  1. From Content > Social Posts, select Create New Social Post.
  2. Select the Post Type from the drop down box. The options are scheduled post, library post, and auto-scheduled post. The Post Type will determine the view for the content created by the supplier; Scheduled Posts, or Library Posts.
  3. Select a Social Media Platform: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pardot, HubSpot, Hootsuite, or WeChat.
  4. Select a Post Date from the calendar. The calendar picker does not go away when the post is auto-scheduled. It is not required that you set a date and time if you choose to auto schedule. If a social post is submitted without a date selected, it will appear in the Library.2017-05-15_CreateSocialPost_wechat.png
  5. Create the copy of the post. You can use the drop-down boxes to pull in variables to be used as partner fields or targets.  
    1. Partner Field Options: These custom fields vary and are determined by the supplier. Here are some examples: Industry Certifications, Partner Name, Partner Display Name, Partnership Level, Product Lines, Theater.
    2. Target Options: The Target Options are website plugins, print media, and library content. You can target specific pages where you want your content to appear. In each area, you will see a selection of sub-pages that can also be targeted. Use the target links to enhance your posts by directing users to specific website plugin pages.
  6. Add an Image URL or upload an image from your files. Twitter limits to 5MB and WeChat limits to 1MB.
  7. For WeChat only add a title, not to exceed 64 bytes. You might want to use the title of the collateral you are using.
  8. For WeChat only add Post URL. This can be to your content on your website or to any web link.
  9. Select to either use or not use a Social Form. The Social Form requires anyone trying to engage with your social media posts to provide basic information about themselves. You have the option to require a social form with each social post sent out from Zift123. The social form can be personalized to meet brand standards.
  10. Select the tags for the post. This will help the Zift123 partners filter the post when viewing.
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