How to Create Leads for Lead Distribution


Suppliers generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. These leads are often generated through Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems such as Eloqua and Marketo or through tradeshows and inbound requests. When the leads are not generated through another system or uploading a CSV file, you can add the leads using ZiftMarcom Create Leads. This option is usually for “one off” situations that you want to quickly enter into the system.


How to Create Leads

You can create individual leads you may receive from tradeshows or inbound requests using this method to create leads and then distribute to your partners.

  1. From Leads, select Create Leads.
  2. Complete the fields on the form.
    1. Routing Information
      1. Lead Routing Module from the drop down box. The options will vary by supplier.
      2. Partner from the drop down box.
      3. Source Campaign from the drop down box.
    2. Lead Details - The lead details include first and last names, email (required), title, and work and mobile phone numbers.
    3. Company Information - The company information associated with the lead includes company name, website URL, SIC Code, industry, annual revenue, number of employees, address, and country.
  3. Custom Fields will be different for every supplier. Fields are defined during the supplier set up phase.
  4. Select Apply.

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