Identify Your Team, Roles, and Responsibilities

Each user is assigned a role when the account is set up. The roles for ZiftMarcom users are as follows:

  • Reports Only
  • Read Only
  • Partner Marketing Manager
  • Non-Administrator
  • Administrator

Each role is associated with a level of access as follows:

  • Yes - able to add, edit, or make changes
  • No - unable to view in the menu
  • View Only - can view but cannot add, edit, or make changes

The table below is a summation of roles and access levels. Click the image to enlarge it.


You can learn more about each of the access points in these Academy sections.

Note: To Partner Communications - PMM, Non Admin & Admins can create To Partner communications. 

Note:  Agencies - Non-Admins and Admins can create agency accounts.

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