How to Edit Lead Filters


Suppliers generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. The objective of Zift Solutions Lead Management is to automate the process of capturing leads from PRM and CRM and then distributing those leads to partner sales organizations. Editing the Lead Filters changes the display for the All Leads View. The platform will hold this display change until you log out and log in again.

How to Edit Lead Filters

  1. From Leads, select Edit Filters.
  2. You can edit the following information.
    1. Created Date Range: Select the date range to display leads created within the selected date range.
    2. Updated Date Range: Select the date range to display leads updated within the selected date range.
    3. Selected Number of Days Since Status Change: This option determines which leads will display leads that have had a status change in the selected time frame.
    4. Edit Selected Campaigns Criteria: This option will display leads associated with the selected campaigns.
    5. Edit Selected Partners Criteria: This option determines which leads will display that are associated with partners that meet the criteria selected; All Partners, Selected Partners, or Partners that Meet Criteria. 
    6. Select Save.
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