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Once logged in to the ZiftMarcom application, you have access to all partner activities and results. Your landing page is the Overview Report, which is also listed under the Partner Adoption Reports. Depending on what marketing activities you offer to your partners, you have many pre-configured datasets. Each can be customized to show you the what, where, when, how and why of partner activities with analytics to improve performance through automated, syndicated activities.​​

ZiftMarcom provides for configuring and viewing partners' activities and results to meet your specific needs. Any ZiftMarcom Report can be saved, emailed (scheduled if you choose) and exported in CVS or XLS for use in other contexts. 

Purpose of the Report

This Report is a charted and listed dataset of your partner's channel marketing activities and results. For most Reports you will need to scroll down—and sometimes left-to-right—to see the entire dataset. Want to know how man partners use syndication vs. email vs. social? Give this report a try!


Analysis > Analysis Overview

What Data is Being Reported 

This report pulls information from the Zift123 partner dashboard. The report drills down by Partner, on all active partner activities.

Initial Report View & Editing Suggestions

Default setting for the overview report:

  • Activities and results during past year/12 months.
  • Any/all campaigns
  • Any/all partners
  • Distributors - none

Following is an example of the Overview Report. At the top of the Overview Report are two trending charts for Prospect Engagement and Partner Engagement. Hovering over lines or bars in the charts reveals specific counts for each activity and result. Trend charts will only show data from completed months. These charts have Print the chart or Export to raster or vector image icons at the top right of the chart that allow for image export options.

Following the month-to-month charts of engagement activities and results are the month-by-month General Statistics for the default date range of one year with all campaigns and partners reported. In this report, each item is detailed in its own report. 

Row Definitions

  1. Partners/Active Partners: The number of Active Partners over the date range specified (default is one year) who have generated measurable data by undertaking one or more activities made available to them within the default time threshold. This report includes partners with web tracking in the total. ZiftMarcom reports statistics on active and inactive partners. Active represented by currently enrolled partners and inactive represented by partners who are no longer enrolled.
  2. Lead:
    1. New Leads: The number of recorded prospects/contacts (over one year in the example above) who have engaged in enough Zift-related/prompted activities to meet the minimum Lead-Score Threshold during the specified report date-range. The number includes both distributed leads and marketing leads.
    2. New Hot Leads:  The number of recorded new partner prospects/contacts who have engaged in enough Zift-related/prompted activities to meet the Hot-Lead-Score Threshold during the specified report date range. The number includes both distributed leads and marketing leads.
    3. Active Hot Leads: The number of recorded partner prospects/contacts who have engaged in enough Zift-related/prompted activities to meet the Hot-Lead-Score Threshold. Reporting, however, of these active hot leads is not limited to those initiated during the date-range specified (i.e., Net New Hot). The number includes both distributed leads and marketing leads.
  3. Web Plugins:  
    1. Using Web Plugins: The per-month number of partners recording measurable activity (Views, Clicks, Submissions) on one or more web plugins per month.
    2. Website Views: The number of web plugin views recorded for all active web plugins per month.
    3. Website Clicks: The number of per-month clicks on viewed web plugins.
    4. Form Submissions: The number of forms submitted per month from all active web plugins.
  1. Emails:
    1. Using Emails: The number of partners who have sent discrete or Campaign-related emails per month.
    2. Email Sends: The number of emails sent to partner prospects and contacts per month.
    3. Email Opens:The number of sent emails that recorded unique opens during the date range specified.
    4. Email Clicks: The number of unique clicks on links within all emails sent per month.
  2. Ads:  
    1. Using Ads: The number of partners with measurable activity (e.g., ad landing-page views, click-throughs from ad landing pages) per month.
    2. Ad Viewings: The number of views of ad-linked landing pages per month.
    3. Ad Clicks: The number of links clicked on viewed landing pages per month.
  3. Social:
    1. Using Social: The number of partners with measurable activity (posts, click-throughs to post-linked landing pages) using the supported social streams configured in ZiftMarcom.
    2. Linked Social: The number of partners with linked social accounts to Zift123.
    3. Social Posts: The number of social-stream posts published by partners on ZiftMarcom-supported social networks per month.
    4. Social Clicks: The number of click-throughs from partner posts per month.
    5. Total Followers: The total number of social followers for all partners. 
  4. Print Media:
    1. Using Print Media: The number of partners with measurable activity (personalizations and downloads) of print media content per month.
    2. Print Media Downloads: The number of print media offerings downloaded by partners per month.
  5. Library:
    1. Using Library: The number of partners with measurable activity (library downloads) of your existing library content per month.
    2. Library Downloads: The number of library downloads by partners per month. ​
  6. Tracking:
    1. Using Tracking: The number of partners who have embedded the Zift analytics  tracking code on their website per month.
    2. Using Web plugin: The number of partners who are actively tracking web plugin views per month.
    3. Tracking Views: The number of tracked-web plugin views by prospects/contacts for each month.
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