Visitor Summary

Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to provide you with detailed data about visitors to your corporate website. It will include information such as who is visiting, their company, and the partner who identified the visitor. You can review the data at any time, but the recommended timeframe for review is monthly.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Visitor Summary

What Data is Being Reported On

This Report records shared analytics between you and your partners. The report is a dataset of the visitors to your corporate website that is also listed in Zift123 analytics for viewing by your partners.

These visitors can be referred to your site by partner marketing activities such as campaign emails, partner website plugins and Zift-hosted microsites, social posts, and by other means, such as Google searches that bring visitors to your partner's website and then click a link to your corporate website. 

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default report shows a list of all visitor activities for all partners.
    • Activities and results during past year
    • All Partners
    • All Campaigns
    • Group-By selections ‒ None
    • Where applicable, numeric totals are located at the bottom of the page. If grouped, numeric Group Totals are provided for each layer of the grouping configuration (e.g., totals for a Quarter, Region, Country, in addition to the total for the entire date range).
  • You can group by location, timeframe, and more. Select Edit to customize the report to meet your needs.
  • Any edits previously set within another report may carry over as the default into subsequent reports. Always check that the data you are viewing is in the date range/format you are expecting it to be in. You may need to click the Edit to view the report criteria details and make changes.

Moving left to right, the column data provides the following information. 

  1. Visitor: This column records, if available, either the name or email of the visitor to your corporate site. The visitor must be an existing contact or lead to be available for reporting.
  2. Company: This column records the company or originating network (e.g., Comcast, Century Link) from which the visitor comes to your site.
  3. Referring Partner: This column records the partner whose website or Zift automated marketing activity brought the visitor to your site.
  4. Last View: This column records the latest date on which the referred visitor has viewed your corporate website.
  5. Total Views: This column records the number of times a visitor has viewed your corporate website.
  6. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  7. Analytic Code: You can include this code snippet in the footer of your corporate website to generate the data for the Visitor Summary. The widget is transparent and will not impact the look-and-feel or function of your pages. Selecting Analytic Code brings up a lightbox with the widgets (in Javascript, PHP, ASP or JSP) that produce data for the Visitor Summary Report.
  8. Export: See How to Use Report Options.
  9. Options: See How to Export Reports.
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