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Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a detailed look at how the syndicated and non-syndicated Social Media Posts performed and which Partners utilized the post, by Social Post, within the selected date range. You can review the data at any time, depending on your preferences, but the recommended timeframe for review and trending is monthly to quarterly.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Social Posts

What Data is Being Reported

The data is gathered from all of the social media posts your partners have sent - syndicated and non-syndicated. The report shows the specific social media posts used and how the post performed across all applicable partners. Please view the Social Summary Report to review social media posts, by the partner.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

The default report shows a list of all syndicated and non-syndicated Social Posts and their corresponding measurable results within the selected date range. You can click on the arrows next to the Social Post to expand the selection to show the applicable Partners who utilized the Post.

  • Edit the report date range to specify a timeframe different than the default.
  • To see the analysis of a selected group of partners, e.g. by region, partner program level, etc., you can select specific partner criteria based on your custom partner attributes to only show that partner data.
  • Export the report to manipulate the data in MS Excel.
  • Any edits previously set within another report may carry over as the default into subsequent reports. Always check that the data you are viewing is in the date range/format you are expecting it to be in. You can verify the report criteria by selecting Edit Report.

Note: Each listed post (Content) can be unfolded to reveal the partners who have published the listed post.

Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information.

  1. Content: This column lists the name of syndicated posts.
  2. Partner: This column can be unfolded by clicking a post name to reveal the names of the partners who have published the post. 
  3. Sent: This column records the total number times partners have published the listed post. Publishing posts is an option that can be either automatic or by approval in Zift123 processes.
  4. Clicks: This column records the total number of clicks on links in the listed post, or by clicks on each partner's publication of the post (if Content is unfolded).
  5. Likes: This column records the total number of Likes registered on posts published, or registered for an individual partner's publication of a post when Content is unfolded.
  6. Comments: This column records the number of Comments made in response to a post, or in response to an individual partner's publication of a post when Content is unfolded.
  7. Forwards: This column records the total number of times a post has been forwarded or the number of times the post is forwarded from an individual partner when Content is unfolded.
  8. Lead Touches: This column records the number of times a lead has engaged in any marketing activities. To be a lead, the prospect/contact must have engaged in marketing activities to have a lead score higher than the lead score threshold determined by the supplier.
  9. New Leads: This column records the number of prospects/contacts who have engaged in enough marketing activities to attain a lead score greater than 15 during the date range. 
  10. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  11. Export: See How to Use Report Options.
  12. Options: See How to Export Reports.


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