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The Purpose of This Report

This report generates a cumulative set of data recording search terms entered in Web search engines that result in visits to either embedded web plugins or Zift-hosted microsites.


Analysis>Marketing Effectiveness>Search Terms Report

Initial Report View & Editing Suggestions

  • Default settings for the overview report:
    • Activities and results during last 12 months
    • Any/All Campaigns
    • Any/All Partners
    • Distributors - None
  • There is no grouping function for this report.
  • The Report is limited to the top 100 search terms.
  • No numeric totals are recorded for columns.

Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information. The default column ordering is in descending order as follows:

  1. Term: This column records the tracked search term bringing prospects to an embedded plugin or microsite. Select the tracked term to see details and preview. The Associated Web Plugin and Partner is ordered alphabetically if there is more than one partner with page visits driven by reported search terms. This view shows earliest date searched, latest date search and a total number of searches. Selecting Website Plugin Visited brings up the specific plugin, where you can take actions on the term. 
    1. Edit the campaign.
    2. Edit custom activities.
    3. Select the partner name brings down the hits over time chart. the search term has brought a visitor.
    4. Select Website Plugin Visited - Tracking brings up partner(s) name.
    5. Select takes you to a Tracking Details page. Clicking on the partner name brings down the Hits over time chart seen in the illustration above.
  1. Rank: This column records and orders terms according to the number of Hits it has prompted.
  2. Hits: This column records the raw number of hits bringing prospects to a syndicated and tracked website plugin or microsite.
  3. Partners: This column records number of partners who personalized and published the website plugin or microsite
  4. Website Plugin: This column records the number of website plugins to which the corresponding search string sent to end users.
  5. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  6. Options: See How to Use Report Options.
  7. Export: See How to Export Reports.
  • Note: Although the illustrations above record only one partner and one website plugin embedded by the partner, there are cases where a partner may embed a website plugin twice and cases where more than one partner embeds a personalized website plugin on either one or more Web addresses (embedded website plugin or microsites).
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