Ad Summary

Purpose of the Report

Use this report to measure success and partner adoption of ad campaigns run by your channel partners via Zift123.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Ad Summary 

What Data is Being Reported

This Report generates a cumulative set of data recording the deployment and results of partner Google Adwords campaigns and Zift generated landing pages. The columns with Google Adwords generated data are Impressions (Imp), Clicks (Clks), Click Through Rate (CTR) and Average Position (Avg. Position).The columns with Zift generated data are Landing Page Views (LPV), Landing Page Clicks (LPC), Submissions, Lead Conversions, and Lead Views.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default report shows a list of each ad campaign.
  • Select the column header to view the list sorted in ascending and descending order.
  • Group the report by a partner to see individual partner performance or adoption data. 
  • You may also group by location, timeframe, and more. Select Edit to select the different grouping options.
  • Note, any edits previously set within another report may carry over as the default into subsequent reports. Always check that the data you are viewing is in the date range/format you are expecting it to be in. You may need to click the Edit Report button to view the report criteria details and make any necessary edits.
  • First Viewed is when the ad was first installed or viewed. First Viewed is more meaningful when looking at the current month and then compare to when the ad was first viewed. Additionally if your Group by Partner, you will see the stats for the selected date range and when it was first viewed a partner by partner vs. ad basis.

Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information. 

  1. Ad Campaign: This column records the name of the ad campaign syndicated to channel marketing partners. Selecting a campaign will display the campaign details including the preview of a landing page.
  2. # Partners: This column records the number of partners with activated Ad Campaign in Zift123. An activated campaign is not fully executed and is not appearing on Google Adwords.
  3. # Running: This column records the number of activated (not executed) ad-linked landing pages being run by partners. Partners can activate a single campaign multiple times resulting in a higher running number.
  4. Imp (Impressions):  This column records the number of times your ad is shown on a search page or appeared by retargeting. See Google Adwords for more info.
  5. Clks (Clicks): This column records the number of clicks on an ad. See Google Adwords for more info.
  6. Ctr (Click-Through Rate): This column records the ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. CTR is the number of clicks divided by impressions multiplied by 100(to express as a percentage). See Google Adwords for more info.   
  7. Avg. Position. This column records the average position of campaign ads in a search result--order determined by rank. See Google Adwords for more info. 
  8. LPV (Landing Page Views): This column records the number of total ad-linked Landing Page Views resulting from click-throughs from the posted ads.
  9. LPC (Landing Page Clicks): This column records the total number of clicks recorded on links on ad landing pages. These are clicks on an image, hyperlink, or form to name a few examples.
  10. Submissions: This column records the number of submissions from forms on Ad Campaign landing pages.
  11. Lead Conversions: This column records the number of times prospects/contact have clicked through to a page embedded with a conversion code. This page is usually the landing page after the prospect/contact has submitted a form.
  12. Last Viewed: This column records the latest date on which an ad-linked landing page was viewed. 
  13. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  14. Options: See How to Use Report Options.
  15. Export: See How to Export Reports.
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