Opportunity Overview

The Purpose of This Report

This report generates a summary by opportunities by partner and status. The report details what your opportunity pipeline looks like including a breakdown of deals by stage and breakdown by the partner.


Analysis > Leads and Pipeline > Opportunity Summary

What Data is Being Reported

This report pulls information from partner entered information in the partner dashboard/Zift123, or via a partner CRM integration. (i.e. when a partner creates an opportunity for a contact or lead activity)

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

The following screenshot is an example of an Opportunity Overview Report having all filters at default settings:

  • Activities and results during past year/12 months
  • Any/All Campaigns
  • Any/All Partners
  • Distributors - None
  • Filtering options: Date Range, Campaign, Partner, Distributor. This report has no grouping options.
  • Print the chart or Export to raster or vector image: Use these icons to export images to share with others. 
  1. Opportunity Pipeline: The top left chart illustrates the Opportunity Pipeline with stages and potential and closed dollar values. In most cases, the Opportunity Pipeline will also show a Closed Lost category at the bottom of the pipeline and to the left of the Deals by Stage table. Mousing over any section of the Opportunity Pipeline brings up a tooltip with potential and real dollar values for each stage of pipeline activity.
  2. # Deals by Stage: The top right table measures the number of Deals By Stage.  Mousing over any of the vertical bars on Deals By Stage brings up a tooltip specifying the exact number of deals in each stage of the pipeline.
  3. Opportunity Breakdown by Partner: The bottom chart, shows a partner-by-partner measure of marketing activity and potential dollar value of deals at each stage of the pipeline. Real-dollar results are also recorded in the final Closed Won and Closed Lost pipeline stage. The left axis lists partners while the bottom axis measures the potential and real dollar value of partner deals at each stage of the pipeline. Mousing over any horizontal bar brings up a tooltip with exact dollar values for each stage for any selected partner.  
  4. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  5. Options: See How to Export Reports.
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