Lead Distribution Summary

Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a list of specific distributed leads, their status, marketing activity related to each lead and the opportunity value of the lead within the selected date range. Use this report grouped by partner and sales status to find out how many partners are following up on their leads. You can review the data at any time, depending on your preferences and average selling cycle. The recommended timeframe for review and trending is bi-weekly to monthly to ensure leads do not get cold as a result of partner in-activity.


Analysis > Leads and Pipeline > Lead Distribution Summary

What Data is Being Reported 

The data is gathered from all of the leads you have distributed to your partners. The report shows the email address of the lead sent to a partner, when it was sent, if a partner has accepted or rejected the lead or not, the sales stage set by the partner/partner sales representative working the lead, if there are any events or opportunities associated with the lead, and your originating source campaign of the lead.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

The default report shows a list of all distributed leads and their corresponding data within the selected date range.

    • Many users prefer to see the lead distribution statistics by and/or by Source Campaign. To do this,
      1. Select Edit Report and scroll down to Group by.
      2. Select Partner and/or Source Campaign.
      3. Apply. Up to three (3)Group byoptions can be selected.
  • If you would like to specify a timeframe different than the default, you can edit report to change the date range.
  • If you only want to see the analysis of a selected group of partners, e.g. by Region, Partner Program Level, etc., you can select specific partner criteria based on your custom partner attributes to only show that partner data.
  • You can Group by: timeframes or partner attribute to have all of the data display in your specified grouping.
  • You can Export the report and manipulate the data in Excel.

Important: When comparing the data of the  Lead Distribution Summary and Lead Summary, Lead Scores will degrade over a period of inactivity. Once the score goes below your lowest Minimum Lead Threshold score, the lead will no longer be counted on the report. For the Lead Distribution Summary, we do not consider the lead score. The distributed lead never drops off the report. As a result, you may see leads on the Lead Distribution Summary that are not on the Lead Summary. 

Please note, any edits previously set within another report may carry over as the default into subsequent reports. Always check that the data you are viewing is in the date range/format you are expecting it to be in. You can verify the report criteria by selecting Edit Report.



Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information.

    1. Date: The default date range is 12 months. You can edit the date range.
    2. Lead: This column lists the emails of the leads that have been distributed to a partner. Clicking on a Lead email takes to you the Lead Detail page, which contains known Distribution Status details with Create Date, Partner (receiving lead) and the sales history of the lead (if existing). Click your browser's Back button to return the the Report.
    3. Distribution Date: This column records the date on which the lead was distributed. By default, this column orders the dataset. You can re-order the report by clicking the column by which you wish to re-order the dataset.
    4. Accepted: This column records whether or not the lead has been accepted within the defined date range.
    5. Rejected: This column records whether or not the lead has been rejected within the date range.
    6. Pending: This column records whether or not the distributed lead is still pending, meaning the partner has taken no action on the lead (Accepted and Rejected columns will always read No.
    7. Sales Stage: This column records the status of the lead, based on updates from the partner/partner sales representative updating lead status directly in the contact record of Zift, via the Email notification, or via an integration CRM platform.
    8. Zift Events: This column records the number of automated marketing activities that have been sent to/directed at the distributed lead and recorded statistics. These can include campaign or partner-created emails; tracked web plugin visits; social clicks, social follows and forwards; or any other of the automated marketing activities provided by Zift123.
    9. CRM Events: This column records the number of CRM activities that have been pulled from your CRM. These can be phone calls, emails, social activities provided by your CRM. If you are not utilizing a CRM, the column will be empty.
    10. Passed to CRM?: Effect 23 August 2017, this column is no longer in the report. 
    11. Opportunities Total Value: This column records the potential dollar value of a distributed lead according to a partner's assessment of the lead's need for products or services and calculated according pipeline stage.
    12. Source Campaign:​ This column records the campaign or other marketing activity that produced the lead, if passed to the partner.
    13. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
    14. Export: See How to Use Report Options.
    15. Options: See How to Export Reports.
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