Tracking Summary

Purpose of the Report

Use this report to see how many partners have embedded the Zift Analytics tracking code, and to see all traffic on partners’ websites, per partner.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Tracking Summary

What Data is Being Reported 

This report displays statistics for web pages that have the Zift Analytics tracking code installed.

Default Report

By default, the Tracking Summary Report displays statistics over the last 12 months for all partners. Where applicable, numeric totals are located at the bottom of the report.


The report displays the following information:

  1. Website Plugin: By default, all tracking website plugins are named Tracking.
    1. Select Tracking to view detailed statistics for individual website plugins.
    2. Select Base URLs to view the list of web pages and websites on which partners have installed the website tracking.
  2. # Partners: This column records the number of partners who have embedded a Zift tracking code on one or more web addresses. To see partners using website tracking, edit the report to Group By > Partner.
  3. # Running: This column records the total number of unique, embedded website plugins having a Zift tracking code on web addresses.
  4. Views: This column records the total number of unique web views of all tracked web pages
  5. Views %: This column records the partner percentage share of total views on all tracked web pages. This statistic is useful when you group the report by a partner.
  6. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  7. Export: See How to Use Report Options.
  8. Options: See How to Export Reports.
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