Social Summary

The Purpose of This Report

To show Social Media content performance by date range and partner status.

This report drills down, by Partner, on the number of Social posts the Partners sent and the high-level stats associated with their posts. You can see if Partners sent Syndicated or Non-Syndicated posts in ZiftMarcom / Analysis / Marketing Effectiveness / Social Posts.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Social Summary

What Data is Being Reported

This Report presents the results of all partner Social Media activities (syndicated and non-syndicated) from social posts on supported social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default grouping for the Report follows:
    • Activities and results during past year
    • All Partners
    • Group-By selections ‒ Partner
  • Numeric group totals are provided for each column of the report.
  • If you group the Social Summary Report by Content, you are able to unfold each of your posts to see which partners have published the post, essentially producing a Social Posts Summary with the social post date set at its default of all post dates.

Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information.

  1. Partner: This column lists the partners that are employing syndicated social media content in their networks—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat are supported and reported. Clicking a listed partner will bring up its Partner Snapshot page. Click your browser's Back arrow to return to the report.
  2. Sent: This column records the total number of syndicated posts published by the partner to one or more of its social media networks. Sending posts is an option that can be either automatic or by approval in Zift123 processes.
  3. Clicks: This column records the total number of clicks on links on one or more of the posts published by the partner to its social-media networks.
  4. Followers: These columns record the total number of prospects/contacts (max 34) who signed on for the time range presented to follow the partner's published posts. You will see a column for each of your social media networks.
  5. Likes: This column records the total number of Likes registered on the partner's posts on its social media networks.
  6. Comments: This column records the comments made by all viewers on posts published by the partner.
  7. Forwards: This column records the total number of viewers forwarding posts published by the partner.
  8. Lead Touches: This column records the number of times a lead has engaged in any marketing activities. To be a lead, the prospect/contact must have engaged in marketing activities to have a lead score higher than the lead score threshold determined by the supplier.
  9. New Leads: This column records the number of prospects/contacts who have engaged in enough marketing activities to attain a lead score greater than 15 during the date range. 
  10. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  11. Options: See How to Use Report Options.
  12. Export: See How to Export Reports
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