Print Media Summary

Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to enable you to see which pieces of print media are generating the most interest both by partners and by end-users. You could potentially use this information to help evaluate the success of a campaign containing print media.


Analysis > Marketing Effectiveness > Print Media

What Data is Being Reported

Print Media is defined as both PDFs available for download, and PDFs available for personalization and download. The data in this report is generated from partner and end user interaction. The columns that indicate partner interest are Partners and Activations. The columns that indicate end-user interest are Downloads and Unique Downloads. The remaining columns, Last Viewed, and Activation Date provide information on when the interest occurred.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default report shows a list of each piece of print media.
  • Select the column header to view the list sorted in ascending and descending order.
  • Group the report by a campaign to view the campaigns that contain the print media generating the most interest.
  • Group the report by partner and then campaign to see which partners activated specific campaign. Expand the campaign display to view the print media details such as name, activations, last viewed, downloads and activation date associated with the campaign.
  • Note, any edits previously set within another report may carry over as the default into subsequent reports. Always check that the data you are viewing is in the date range/format you are expecting it to be in. You may need to click the Edit Report button to view the report criteria details and make any necessary edits. 
  • First Viewed is when the print media was first installed or viewed. First Viewed is more meaningful when looking at the current month and then considering when the print media was first viewed. Additionally if your Group by Partner, you will see the stats for the selected date range and when it was first viewed a partner by partner vs.print media basis.

Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information. 

  1. Print Media: This column records the name of the print-ready content syndicated to partners for personalization, download, and printing in any hard-copy media. Selecting a listed item will take you to a Print-Media Details Page. There you have the options to Edit Details (e.g., Description, Effective Date Begin, tags), To Edit Content (Headline and other elements not personalizable by the partner), Unpublish, and Preview the Print Media. To return to the Print Media Report, click your browser's Back arrow. 
  2. # Partners: This column records the number of partners who have personalized the listed print-media document.
  3. # Activations: This column records the number times a print-media document has have been personalized by partners; a single partner may have personalized a print media document more than once—for example, to regionalize the partner's personalized content.
  4. Last Viewed: This column records the most recent date that the media was viewed on the Zift-hosted microsite where the Print Media resides. This could be either partner or end-user view.
  5. Downloads: This column records the total number of downloads from a Zift hosted address. This could be either partner or end-user download.
  6. Unique Downloads: This column records the number of downloads of the print media by unique, IP-tracked viewer/partners.
  7. Activation Date: This column records the date on which the listed item was made available to partners.
  8. Edit Report: See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  9. Options: See How to Use Report Options.
  10. Export: See How to Export Reports.
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