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Purpose of This Report

The purpose of this report is to show the frequency that partners are logging into Zift123, and who is logging in at each location. This data can be used to identify power users for case studies or feedback.


Analysis > Partner Adoption > Zift123 Logins

What Data is Being Reported 

The data is gathered from Zift123 tracking of your partners’ logins. 

Note: This report does not include email addresses so that testing data is not included in the results.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default report view is a list of all user email addresses that have logged into Zift, sorted from the most recent to the least recent login.
  • Where applicable, numeric totals are located at the bottom of the page. If grouped, numeric Group Totals are provided for each layer of the grouping configuration (e.g., totals for a Quarter, Region, Country, in addition to the total for the entire date range):
  • To quickly see who logs into Zift123 the most, select the Logins header.
  • To view this list of logins by a partner, edit the report to group by a partner. Expand the partner section to see a list of user email addresses and the number of logins per user.
  • To view the login data by region, you can group this list of partners by custom partner attributes that you previously set up. For example, if you have regions defined for each of your partners, you can view this login data by region to see which regions have the most logins.
  • View login trends over time by grouping by a time frame such as a year or a month. This allows you to correlate partner logins with other things that have occurred over time such as content additions and outreach efforts.

The following screenshot is an example of a Zift123 Logins report having all filters at default settings.

  1. Select Date Range: The default is for the past 12 months.
  2. Edit Report:
    1. Selected Partners Criteria - All Partners (note: no Campaigns Filter for this Report).
    2. Set Report Groupings - Group-By = None.
    3. Edit Selected Distributors Criteria - Associated with Distributors = No Distributors
    4. See How to Edit ZiftMarcom Reports.
  3. User Email: This column records the specific user emails of people logging into Zift123 over the date range specified (one year in this case).
  4. Logins: This column records the number of logins during the selected date range by the each User Email.
  5. Last Login: This column records the most recent date (during the date range specified) on which the user logged into Zift123.
  6. Export: See How to Use Report Options.
  7. Options: See How to Export Reports.


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