Partner Status Report

Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is to enable you to see which partners actively use Zift123, and to provide you with some basic "at a glance” information on your partners’ subscriptions to your content.


Analysis > Partner Adoption > Partner Status

What Data is Being Reported 

The data is gathered from Zift123 tracking of your partners’ accounts and their activities. Any action taken in Zift123 will result in a recording of an Activity in this report. For example, downloading a PDF, activating an email, and posting to social media all result in Zift123 recording an activity for this report.

Initial Report View and Editing Suggestions

  • The default report view is an alphabetical listing of all of your partners that have logged into Zift123 at least once. These partners have both active and inactive subscriptions.  To see which partners have engaged in the most activities in Zift123, sort by the Activities Column header.
  • To see a list of partners, navigate to Partners > All Partners and use the filters Active and Inactive filters. 
  • Partners whose subscriptions have expired or been deactivated have a value of no in the Enrolled column. You can see the date of the subscription expiration in the Expiration column. If your partners’ pay for their annual subscriptions, you will see a variety of dates in the Renewal Date and Expiration columns indicating the term of their subscription and the date on which they last renewed. If you pay for your partners’ subscriptions, there will be no dates in the Renewal Date column and the Expiration column will either be blank or contain the date on which your contract with Zift123 expires.
  • To quickly see what the percentage of partners that have logged in at least once and have some activity in Zift123, scroll to the bottom of the report and view the number/% at the bottom of the Active column. This number includes partners who are no longer enrolled but were active when they were enrolled.
  • You can group this list of partners by custom partner attributes that you have set up. For example, if you have regions defined for each of your partners, you can view this activity data by region to see which regions have the highest percentage of active partners.
  • View activity data over time by grouping by a timeframe such as a year or quarter. This allows you to correlate partner activity with other things that have occurred over time such as content additions and outreach efforts.

The following screen capture is an example of a Partner Status report having all filters at default settings. At the top of the Partner Status report is a trending chart for logins and activities. This chart has Print the Chart or Export to raster or vector image icons at the top right of the chart that allow for image export options.

Following the chart is a week-by-week list of the following:

  • Activities and results during past year.
  • All Partners (note: no Campaign Filter for this Report).
  • Group-By selections – None.
  • Where applicable, numeric totals are located at the bottom of the page.
  • If grouped, numeric Group Totals are provided for each layer of the grouping configuration (e.g., totals for a Quarter, Region, Country, in addition to the total for the entire date range).


The headers in each column will sort the data differently. Moving left to right, the data in each column provides the following information.

  1. Week: The week of the year that the data represents.
  2. Partner: Displays a list of your channel partners. Selecting a listed partner will bring up a Partner Snapshot that includes details about the partner’s activity with Zift123. The data can be downloaded. To return to the Partner Status Report, select the back arrow on your browser.
  3. Create Date: Displays the date the partner account was created
  4. Enrolled: Displays the number of partners currently enrolled in current Zift123 marketing activities—and former partners whose previous activations have expired.
  5. Renewal Date: Displays the date the partner renewed their enrollment.
  6. Expiration: Displays the date on which each partner’s activation on Zift123 will end or has ended.
  7. Last Login: Displays the date on which each partner last logged into Zift123.
  8. Logins: Displays the number of times each partner (or a partner grouping) has logged into Zift123.
  9. Activities: Displays the number of marketing activities undertaken by each partner on Zift123: engaging in campaign activities, sending emails, using website plugins, posting social content, downloading print media and documents from the library. Remember that to record these activities, a partner's deployment of or results from an activity must register a stat in ZiftMarcom reporting.
  10. Active: Displays data for partners that are using and generating results from Zift123 resources. Note: a partner may still be active even though its enrollment has expired if that partner is still generating stats from previously deployed syndicated activities. By the same token, an enrolled partner may be counted as not active if its deployment of Zift123 resources has not yet yielded stats.
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