How to Perform Bulk Operations


As a supplier, you provide content or assets to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. Content is meant to support and facilitate the promotion of a company, product, or service. It comes in many forms: audio, text, video, images, and more.

When uploading files, ZiftMarcom checks for assets that are uploaded to prevent unnecessary duplication. The system will prompt you to select an existing file or continue with the upload if there is a duplicate.

Bulk Operations provide a way for Administrators ML Users to take action on a large amount of content in a few clicks rather than making a change to 100's of pieces of content.

Bulk Operations Details

  • Bulk operations are limited to a single content type. 
  • Bulk operations can be made when a bulk operation is in progress.
  • When bulk operations are processing users should refrain from making changes to content. Any changes you apply may override the operations currently processing.

In this view Administrators can complete the following Bulk Operation tasks:

  • Add tags - Tags can be added or applied to selected assets.
  • Remove tags - Tags can be removed from selected assets.
  • Edit active date - The active date for content can be edited.
  • Edit expiration date - The expiration date for content can be edited.
  • Archive library content - Selected content can be archived which will remove it from the view but not the system. You can locate archived content by using the filters in the left navigation.

 How to Add Tags to your Content in a Bulk Operation:

  1. From Content > Library Content, select a filter to limit the data for the bulk operation. Optional: Select the category for the content type. You can select both a content type and category filter.
  2. Select the content for the bulk operation.
  3. From the Bulk Operation drop-down select an operation: Add tag, Remove tag, Edit active date, Edit expiration date, or Archive.
  4. Follow the prompts to Apply the operation.GIFBulkArchive.gif
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