Create a Data-Driven Manufacturing Channel

Recent research from Zift and MAPI shows that nearly 80 percent of manufacturers are feeling the pressure to be more data driven. Yet, only 26 percent have the data they need to measure ROI. Our new manufacturing-focused video series takes on the data challenge staring down modern manufacturers and provides direct insight for organizations who want manage and use their data for better channel results.

The 3 Power Points of Data

To get started, channel expert and Zift’s Chief Strategy Office Laz Gonzalez encourages manufacturers to focus on three key data points:

Partner Data:  It’s vital for manufacturers to know their partners. Use data to determine: Who’s performing? Who’s missing the mark? What techniques do they prefer? How do your marketing programs align with the partners selling solutions to end-buyers?

Customer Data: You’ll have a powerful advantage if you can dig into data that demonstrates which campaigns have worked to promote specific solutions or services to buyers. What do your customers prefer? Examine campaign data to see which campaign tactics resonate with buyers, be it online advertising, webinars, social media, content syndication or something else. Then align marketing plans to match the behaviors demonstrated by your buyers.

Performance Data: Marketers must challenge themselves to measure, know and demonstrate their contribution to the pipeline. Look at pipeline data before leads are passed to partners to get an honest look at how marketing is performing.

Watch this video from Zift and MAPI to discover how to use data to make an impact on your channel program.

Be sure to catch all episodes in our special “Manufacturers and The Channel” series.  


Originally posted on Channel Chatter, by David Buffaloe, Zift Solutions VP of Marketing.

As VP of Marketing, David is responsible for all aspects of marketing including strategy, tactics and programs needed to create interest, demand and recognition for Zift Solutions.

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