How to Approve a Partner's Pending Invitation


Partner Invitations allow suppliers to easily add new partners to marketing programs. Suppliers will send invitations to potential partners and the partner can then accept or reject the invitation. Once the invitation is activated the partner can get started using Zift123 without any interaction with Zift Solutions. This provides an easy option for suppliers to get partners up and running.

After approving the pending invitation, partners will be able to add users to the account.

How to Approve a Partner's Pending Invitation

  1. From Partners > Pending Partners, select the partner's name.
  2. The supplier can edit the partner's pending information.
  3. Select Onboard and Invite.
  4. The partner will receive an email to activate their account.
  5. The partner should select click here and enter a password for their new account. After entering the password the partner will be on the Zift123 landing page.
  6. In ZiftMarcom the partner will be activated.
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