How to Create a New Collateral Program

Collateral Programs are not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact. 


As a supplier, you provide content to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. Collateral Programs are intended to support and facilitate the promotion of a company, product, or service. File downloads, campaign resources and static library resources can be packaged into a Collateral Program. 

Collateral Programs content is used by your partners and is found under the Content tab in ZiftMarcom. Partners can preview, download, and customize content available in Zift123. All content may not be available to all partners. Suppliers determine what content is available to partners when creating content. Not all content is available for preview or customization.

How to Create a New Collateral Program

Follow these steps to create a Collateral Program.

  1. Create the container.
    1. From Content > Collateral Programs, select New Collateral Program.
    2. Name: Add the internal name of the program.
    3. Display Name: The name partners will see in Zift123. The Internal and Display Name can be the same. 
    4. Description: The description should be a short summary of the purpose of the program and any top level information the partner would need to know to select it. 
    5. Effective Dates: Effective date begin and expiration date. This is the date range partners will have access to this content. The effective dates for Marketing Activities (anything not under Library Content) are not required. If they are set, they will determine the duration that they are available to partners. Alternatively, the Collateral Program can be completed without an effective date range and packaged into the campaign. The program will be available within the campaign for however long the campaign is available to partners.
    6. Thumbnail: A thumbnail image is required. The system will automatically create a thumbnail for an email, but not other activities. You can upload an image one of your own. We suggest 100 x 110. The file can be no bigger than 10BM.
    7. Click Save. Select Edit details to add additional fields, such as Partner Filter (if applicable).GIFcreateprogramcontainer.gif
  2. Add the Collateral to the container.
    1. From Content > Collateral Programs, selected Collateral Program.
    2. Select Add Collateral.
    3. Under Content Type, select the types of content you want in the program.
    4. Add the pieces of content you want in the program.
      1. If you want this to be a Collateral Rule, select Save as Collateral Rule. Based on content tags, collateral feeds will automatically add content to your collateral program as they get added to the system if it is saved as a Collateral Rule.
      2. If you want to just add the content to the program without the Rule, click Add to the assets you want, and select Close.GIFcollateraladdcontent.gif
  3. Publish the collateral program or package the Collateral Program into a campaign.


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