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As a supplier, you provide content or assets to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. It is meant to support and facilitate the promotion of company, product, or service. Content comes in many forms: audio, text, video, images, and more. It informs and entertains readers.

In the Edit Content view, you can create edit library assets. Library assets might include ads, email, print, website plugin, images, secure files, newsletter articles, Social Media steaming post, and custom activities.

You can edit your library content after it is created, except for the name of the creator.

How to Edit Library Content 

Follow these steps to edit a piece of content.

  1. From Content > Library Content, click the name of an asset to edit.
  2. Select Edit. You can edit the following:
    1. Name: Edit the name of the content after copying an existing piece of content for re-use.
    2. Effective Dates: Effective date begin and expiration date. The expiration date is required. This is the date range partners will have access to this content. Changing the Effective Dates does change the order that content is presented. If the date is set to the most current date or date that is most in the future, it will show up at the top, and if it is set to the oldest date or date least in the future, it will show at the bottom. Set the year of all expiration dates to 2020. If it is set to a date/year that is soon, the content will be removed/archived from the showcase once the date has passed. See How to Change the Content Display Order
    3. Mark as Reviewed: Click Mark as Reviewed to remove this content from the Content Management User Associated Report.
    4. Tags: Edit the custom tags of the content. Only tag categories with values will appear on the Content page. The tags will be unique to your instance of ZiftMarcom.
    5. Fields: Edit the custom fields for the content. The fields will be unique to your instance of ZiftMarcom.
  3. Select Save.
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