How to Change the Content Display Order

Are you wondering how to change the display order of your showcases, products, or assets? The short answer is to change the order by choosing a different Effective End Date.  This functionality is the same for almost all showcases built in the Zift platform.


The date changes according to the expiration date set in the showcase under Content > Library Content. Dates closest to the present will appear at the top of the order, with older dates following in descending order. See About Library Content Details.

Be wary of setting expiration dates too early. If an expiration date is set in the near future, the content will be removed or archived from the showcase after that date. With this in mind, you should set the year of all expiration dates to 2020 or later. When attempting to re-order content, look at the showcase and figure out where you would like the item to show up. Check the dates of content in the showcase and enter a date in your current piece of content as close as possible to the target content's date to ensure its placement is right for you. 

EXAMPLE: You have a new product page, Cell Phones, and you want it to show up between Tablets (hypothetical expiration date of August 24, 2020) and Unlocked Phones (hypothetical expiration date of August 23, 2020). You would need to change the date of Tablets to August 25, 2020, set make Cell Phones' expiration date to August 24, 2020 and Unlocked Phones can stay at August 23, 2020.

Product pages would then be ordered like this on the category page:

  1. Tablets
  2. Cell Phones
  3. Unlocked Phones

If your partners have the ability to control their page order  in Zift123, and a partner has already activated the showcase, the new ordering set on your content in ZiftMarcom will not be applied to that partner's existing personalized showcase. New content will show up at the bottom of their showcase pages to respect their custom order set.

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