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As a supplier, you provide content to your partners to build, mix, and promote business engagement and conversation. Collateral is meant to support and facilitate the promotion of a company, product, or service. Content comes in many forms: audio, text, video, images, and more. ZiftMarcom checks for assets that are uploaded to prevent unnecessary duplication when uploading files. The system will prompt you to select an existing file or continue with the upload.

Library content is used by your partners and is found under the Browse Collateral tab in Zift123. Partners can preview, download, and customize content available in the view. All content may not be available to all partners. Not all content is available for preview or customization. The supplier will determine what content is available to partners when creating content.  


Content > Library Content > specific piece of content

In this view you can complete the following tasks:

  1. Edit - In this view, you can create edit library assets. Library assets might include ads, email, print, website plugin, images, secure files, newsletter articles, Social Media steaming post, and custom activities. Learn more.
  2. Archive - Users can archive content. The expiration date defaults to the previous day. When content is archived, the button displays Unarchive and content can be moved into a "live" state. Archiving respects the expiration date of panels and microsites.

The following can be found in this view.

  1. Statistics: See the total number of partners with downloads, the most recent download date, and the number of campaigns associated with the content.
    1. The number of downloads is the number of partners that have downloaded with the asset. Click the number to see the name of the specific partner that downloaded this content.
    2. Most Recent Download is the date of the most recent download with this piece of content.
    3. Click the number of Associated Campaigns to see a list of associated campaigns with this content.
  2. Preview: If the asset has an image we will display it, otherwise the area will be blank. We provide this image to help you identify the asset. 


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