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Welcome to ZiftMarcom!

We're glad you're here. We hope you'll spend a few minutes going through this guide to learn some ZiftMarcom basics. We'll introduce you to a number of useful functions and concepts that will help you start planning, executing, and analyzing your marketing efforts.

ZiftMarcom is your view into Zift123, a channel marketing automation platform designed to give your Channel Partners easy access to turn-key marketing tools, marketing resources, and complete analytics.

ZiftMarcom allows you to create, save, and review usage reports, manage your content (if enabled), communicate with your Channel Partners who have an active license on the Zift123 platform, and much more!

The primary navigation menu links to all of the different activity types available in the ZiftMarcom platform. Note: Depending on your offerings and profile, all options may not be available.

  • Analysis: Access pre-configured reports based on partner activity data that you can use to determine partner engagement, evaluate campaign performance, and build a sales pipeline.You have the ability to edit, save, and download/email all reports.
  • Campaigns: Build marketing campaigns to share with partners that support your lead and revenue goals.
  • Content: Create a variety of branded, syndicated content to share with partners that can be co-branded including emails, web plug-ins, collateral, social media, and more.
  • Leads: Deliver sales qualified leads to partners, manage and track the lead status of those leads, and review distributed lead activity.
  • Partners: Manage partner profile data and communicate with partners to promote your business, campaigns, and overall best practices.
  • User Settings
    • My Profile: Change your personal information including email address, time zone, and password in your Profile.
    • Integrations: Integrations links to a list of all the integrations you are using. You can also Create New Integrations and Test integrations by following the link.
    • SSO Configurations: This links to a list of your SSO connections. You can edit the SSO configuration.
    • Logout - ZiftMarcom requires login credentials. The Login/Logout limits access to ZiftMarcom to protect the system from unknown users.

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Additional ResourcesThere are several resources available to you should you need help working within the Zift platform.

  1. At the top of each page in ZiftMarcom, you will find a Help icon. Clicking the Help icon will link you directly to ZiftMarcom Academy.

  2. Help icons are available throughout the application for you to click on or mouse over for detailed information.

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Support Hours

To request phone support, please call the telephone number for your country.  

Country Language Telephone Number
United States English 1 (844) 319-6540
Canada English 1 (844) 319-6540


If your country or language is not listed here, please email us at

You can find our Uptime Commitment, Scheduled Maintenance, and Incident Manager here

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ZiftMarcom Academy 

Within the ZiftMarcom Academy, you'll find written documentation with images and video for the functions and processes available on the ZiftMarcom Platform. To get help, browse through the tabs, or enter your search term in the search box. The tabs are organized to help you find content easily. 

  • The Analysis section is meant to provide data gathered from your campaigns to help you to make decisions for future marketing campaigns, lead generation, and program success.
  • How To Guides are meant to support the users of ZiftMarcom as they automate all phases of channel sales, marketing, and operations. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are created and answered by ZiftMarcom experts based on user questions and industry trends.
  • Education provides digital marketing best practices from Zift Solutions and other industry experts. From email to social media, to content syndication, we cover best practices that can improve your ROI.

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Browsers Supported by ZiftMarcom

ZiftMarcom is supported in all major, current browsers.

  • Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

For the best user experience, we recommend using Chrome as your internet browser!

  • Need to know which browser version you're using? Click here
  • Need to update your browser? Click here
  • Are you using Internet Explorer, but things just aren't working like you think they should? Try using Chrome.
  • Are you using Internet Explorer, but things just look funny? Fix site display problems with Compatibility View.

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